About me

Hi! My name is Marco Peen. Since I was a child, I always loved speed and the smell of gasoline. Many years, I ride the motorcycle and there is a lot of miles behind me. Now, I’m a little bit older, smarter would say my wife :), but, I still remember the filling, when I was on the edge with my bike, when I controlled drifts true curves. And this filling will be with me until the end.
One day I saw a video about motorized drift trikes. That’s it. I have to get one for me. Since then, I’m almost addicted to drift triking and I use every free moment to jump in my drift trike. IĀ also bought a drift trike for my son, and he’s also enjoying in drifting.
To promote this activity I decide to build this blog. If you like my blog, have some comments or would like to send me a message, you can use “contact me” form and please, don’t forget to share on social media.